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Online Discussion Forums Good for Well-Being, Study Shows

University of Exeter (04/21/15) New research associates online forums with positive well-being and even increased community engagement offline.  University of Exeter researchers approached users of online forums catering to a variety of interests, hobbies, and lifestyles, classifying recruits into venues considered stigmatized--such as those dealing with mental health issues, postnatal depression, or a particular parenting choice--or non-stigma-related forums, such as those for golfers, bodybuilders, and environmental issues.  The researchers also questioned participants about their motivations for joining forums, fulfillment of expectations, identification with other forum users, satisfaction with life, and offline engagement with issues raised on the forum.  People often browse forums for answers, discover the venues are a source of great support, and then engage them more, which can lead to offline activities such as volunteering, donating, and campaigning.  "In

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La Commission Européenne s'engage pour les logiciels libres

La Commission Européenne a rendu publique sur son site web  sa stratégie IT pour la période 2014-2017  qui met en avant le choix des solutions open source. Une stratégie volontariste qui ne devrait pas forcément faire sourire les fournisseurs de logiciels propriétaires.  La position de la Commission pourrait en effet relancer la bataille entre tenants du propriétaire et du libre, qui nous a déjà donné le spectaculaire affrontement entre Microsoft et les fournisseurs de suites bureautiques libres lors du débat autour des formats de fichiers bureautiques entre 2007 et 2009