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Germany to Create World's First Highway Code for Driverless Cars

New Scientist (09/21/16) Sally Adee   The first legal framework for autonomous vehicles is outlined in a bill recently proposed by German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt, governing how such cars perform in potentially deadly crashes. The proposal specifies that a driverless car always opts for property damage over personal injury, that it never discriminates between humans based on categories such as age or race, and that if a human driver removes their hands from the steering wheel, the car's manufacturer is liable for a crash. Dobrindt says the bill will level the legal playing field for human motorists and autonomous cars. "The change to the road traffic law will permit fully automatic driving," he says. Dobrindt and others also support a rule requiring a driver to be sufficiently alert to assume vehicle control within 10 seconds, but some critics think that amount of time is insufficient. For example, Natasha Merat at the U.K.'s University of Leeds estimate

L'économie sociale ou économie sociale et solidaire (ESS)

L' économie sociale  ou  économie sociale et solidaire  ( ESS ) est la branche de l'économie regroupant les organisations privées (entreprises coopératives, associations, mutuelles ou fondations) qui cherchent à concilier activité économique et équité sociale. En France, ce secteur représente environ 10 % des emplois salariés, cette part s'accroissant au cours du temps (9,6 % en 2005, 10,5 % en 2013). Les organisations de l'économie sociale adhèrent à des principes fondateurs, parmi lesquels: recherche d'une utilité collective, non-lucrativité ou lucrativité limitée (bénéfices réinvestis au service du projet collectif), gouvernance démocratique (primauté des personnes sur le capital : « 1 personne = 1 voix », implication des parties prenantes). Le terme d'« économie sociale »  stricto sensu  fait référence à l'approche qui délimite historiquement le secteur en fonction du statut juridique des organisations : dans cette approche, l'économie sociale dési

Les étudiants de grandes écoles s'approprient le doctorat : une imposture bien française - le Plus

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Département informatique (computer Engeneering Lebanon) au Cnam Liban [EN]

Engineering  :    The   application   of   scientific   and   mathematical   principles   to   practical   ends   such   as   the   design,   manufacture, and   operation   of   efficient   and   economical   structures,   machines,   processes,   and   systems. Become a Computer e ngineer  in Lebanon register at Cnam Lebanon Computer engineering  is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering, network engineering, telecommunication engineering and computer science required to develop computer hardware and software. [  Computer engineers usually have training in electronic engineering (or electrical engineering), software design, and hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. Computer engineers are involved in many hardware and software aspects of computing, from the design of individual microcontrollers, microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design. This field of engine

David Dill: Why Online Voting Is a Danger to Democracy

Stanford Report (06/03/16) Ian Chipman   In an interview, Stanford University professor and Verified Voting Foundation founder David Dill says computer scientists and security experts almost universally agree online voting is a threat to democracy. "Computers are very complicated things and there's no way with any reasonable amount of resources that you can guarantee that the software and hardware are bug-free and that they haven't been maliciously attacked," Dill warns. "The problems are growing in complexity faster than the methods to keep up with them." Dill contends the opportunity for hacking online voting systems is much broader compared to touchscreen voting, in part because neither voters nor election officials would see signs of tampering due to the secret ballot. Dill also notes the ability to rig an election is much harder with current paper-based voting systems, in comparison to touchscreen or online voting. Just as worrying to him are the man