Youth Digital Skills Program 2018 - Shouf

Whether you are a student, employee or entrepreneur to be, register now in the free upcoming digital youth training sessions with #DOT and improve your digital skills.
Register here:
DOT (level1-2):
DOT level 3:

Level 1:

- Module 1: Basic Hardware and Software
- Module 2: Microsoft Office
- Module 3: Internet, Cloud

Level 2:

- Module 1: Business Canvas
- Module 2: Basic Graphics Manipulation
- Module 3: Basic Media Production Skills
- Module 4: Social Media
- Module 5: Introduction to web
- Module 6: Digital Skills and New Trends

Level 3

Module 1: Ideation
Module 2: Introduction to Coding & App Inventor
Module 3: Data and Market research
Module 4: Master loops and conditionals
Module 5: Prototype your app and finalize your business model
Module 6: Additional coding resources and create a logo and visuals for your app
Module 7: Plan your Code
Module 8: Trouble Shooting your app

Program details:

- 6 weeks, 3 times a week, 3 hours each (54 hours)
- Transportation allowance
- Snack
- Certificate of attendance
- Training happens every 6 weeks

Program conditions:

- Participation is free of charge
- Limited to youth from age 15 till 25 years old in Shouf
- Lebanese and Refugees
- Females and Males
- Educated and Non-educated
About the program: This program is part of the "Innovation Labs Network" in Lebanon. This program is:
- Funded by the Kingdom of Netherlands and German Cooperation
- Supported by UNICEF Lebanon
- Implemented by DOT Lebanon
- Moderated by Rural Entrepreneurs



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