Computer Engineering Degrees Pay Off Big Time

Network World (10/08/14) Brandon Butler 

Students who graduate with engineering degrees in a variety of fields are rewarded with high-paying jobs and have strong earnings potential throughout their career, according to a Brookings Institution report. Computer engineering currently ranks as the fourth-highest earning degree, with majors earning an average of $2.02 million throughout their career, while the top 10 percent of computer engineering majors earn more than $3.55 million. The report provides detailed data related to how much money graduates make just out of college, throughout different points of their career, and over their lifetime. "Engineering has reliably been a high-paying major dating back as far as the 1960s and 70s," notes Brookings researcher Brad Hershbein. The data showing that computer engineering and computer science is a lucrative major comes as colleges and universities around the country are noting increased interest in computing majors. The Computing Research Association reported enrollment for computer science programs rose 22 percent in 2013, according to the 123 departments across the United States. Hershbein also found computer engineers have an average starting salary of $49,200 a year, while in later years they earn $102,700 annually on average.


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