How Games Have Grown Up to Be a Serious Career Aspiration

The Independent (UK), October 16
The game design industry, once viewed as the purview only of hobbyists and the self-taught computer scientist, is emerging as a viable career path and as a serious academic field. In fact, the last few years have been regarded something of a golden age for video games, with sales records shattered regularly and critical acclaim at an all-time high. While it is still very difficult to land jobs within the biggest gaming companies, the industry needs game designers more than ever: not just directors who orchestrate the entire game, but also junior-level employees who design systems and individual set pieces.
To get a start in the games business, either as an indie developer or as an employee of an established studio, there are a number of skills you need: technical skills, creative skills, analytical skills, team-working skills and entrepreneurial skills. There are many people who now want to work in games, but few who measure up to the requirements of the industry these days. There are even fewer who have the creative talent, technical know-how, vision and entrepreneurial savvy to really contribute to the ever-changing face of an evolving medium. You also need knowledge -- not only knowledge of the games industry and how it works, but also knowledge of a wide variety of fields that inform game design and development.

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