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samedi 11 juin 2011

Support de cours OCW : Introduction à la programmation en C

Support de cours en Anglais du MIT OpenCourseWare.

1 Introduction. Writing, compiling, and debugging C programs. Hello world. (PDF)
2 Variables and datatypes, operators. (PDF)
3 Control flow. Functions and modular programming. Variable scope. Static and global variables. (PDF)
4 More control flow. Input and output. (PDF)
5 Pointers and memory addressing. Arrays and pointer arithmetic. Strings. Searching and sorting algorithms. (PDF)
6 User-defined datatypes, structs, unions, bitfields. Memory allocation. Linked lists, binary trees. (PDF)
7 Pointers to pointers, pointer and string arrays, multidimensional arrays. Stacks and queues. (PDF)
8 Void and function pointers. Hash tables. (PDF)
9 External libraries. B-trees, priority queues. (PDF)
10 C standard library: stdio.h, ctype.h, stdlib.h, assert.h, stdarg.h, time.h (PDF)
11 Dynamic memory allocation, malloc and valgrind, garbage collection. (PDF)
12 Multithreading and concurrency. (PDF)
13 Multithreaded programming. Sockets and asynchronous I/O. (PDF)
14 Linux inter process communication. (PDF)