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jeudi 27 mai 2010

Joint Conference with "Fidokor"

During the month of May, the "Lebanese Development Network - LDN" in collaboration with "Fidokor" - Tajikistan organized a workshop on women's development in the areas of health, economy and social development at Madisson Hotel - Jounieh.
The conference was attended by a group of activists from Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran with the participation of representatives from the Lebanese associations "Sesobel" and "Oum El Nour".
Social Program and Training Coordinator, Rouba Fares, coordinated the activities which included a variety of topics that dealt with the conditions of the most vulnerable women and the related projects applied, the economic empowerment of women, the basic needs and the social services provided in Lebanon, the components for communication and leadership, as well as the problematic of domestic violence against women, and AIDS and gender issues.
During the workshop, a number of techniques and methods related to the groups’ work were reviewed in addition to testimonials from people living with HIV and living experiences on programs of economic empowerment of women.
A documentary on the impact of the work in the street for people at risk was presented and discussed. During the conference a visit to the care center of "Oum El Nour" Association took place through which the participants were exposed to the remedies and techniques used.
A group of trainers participated in the sessions as Rania Zaatari from "Hariri Foundation" and Pierre Filfli from “YMCA" and Maria Simon "Kafa" and Nadia Badran of the "Health care Association - SIDC" and Marie-Claude Khoueiry from "Oum El Nour".
At the end of the conference, certificates were distributed to the participants in the presence of President of the "Lebanese Network” Amin Nehme and director of "Fidokor" Dilbar Khalilova.